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Is it Possible to Save Money on Heating Your Home and Save the Planet at the Same Time?

Written by Add To Favorites on . Posted in Home Improvement

Heating and cooling in chicago

Is it Possible to Save Money on Heating Your Home and Save the Planet at the Same Time?

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Use Bookmarks to Make Your Internet Experiences More Efficient

In the United States, the average web user will spend some 32 hours a month online, or, give or take, just about an hour a day. But in the same way that the amount of time each person will spend online will vary, so too will the activities that they do. According to statistics from Go Gulf, 22% of people use social media, 21% perform searches, 20% read content, 19% check emails and use other forms of online communication, 13% visit their favorite music, video, and other multimedia sites, and 5% do their shopping. For some web users, doing all of those activities is a regular part of their online life. But because there is only so much time in the day, finding ways to get to every website or app quickly is a good idea.

For many, the best way to quickly bounce from one site to the next is to have a Google favorites toolbar filled with regularly visited pages. A Google favorites bar, if properly used, should make it easy for web users to find all of the sites they like to visit easily, a Continue reading…

Bookmarks Make Your Life Easier What Do You Bookmark?

Despite how long the internet has been around, some people still do not know how to add favorites to toolbars. They do not know how to bookmark a page. Very often you can hear the internet illiterate asking things like Where are my bookmarks? and Where are my favorites on Google? Lucky for them, the Google favorites toolbar collects all of their bookmarks right there, to be viewed from any computer, making it super simple to access every site that they have favorited. Hopefully after this brief little write up, no one will ever have to ask about how to add favorites to toolbars ever again.

First and foremost, if you are relying on the Google toolbar, that means you are not using Google Chrome as your browser. That is your first mistake. Go ahead and get that downloading and come on back. The way that most browsers are set up is that their bookmarks bar is right under the address bar. Sometimes it is hidden, and therefore inaccessible at first. But that is an easy fix. Simply click on Continue reading…

Bookmark Software Programs Streamline Publication Process

In the past, authors who wanted to publish their articles, essays, short stories, and poetry often struggled to find publishers who wanted to print their work. Most publishers and editors who worked at magazines, newspapers, and journals refused to accept manuscripts which were submitted by authors who did not work for them, so authors’ first challenge consisted of locating publishers and editors who welcomed these unsolicited manuscripts.

After authors found one of these publishers or editors, they had to print at least two (or sometimes three) copies of their articles, essays, short stories, and poetry to submit to the publishers and editors. After they had completed that step, the authors had to purchase at least two large and expensive brown envelopes. The first envelope would send the manuscript copies to the publishers and editors; the second envelop would be a self addressed return envelope which would permit the publishers and editors to send the authors a decision regarding their manuscripts. After completing this second step, authors had to draft a short, one page cover letter which told the publishers and editors why the authors believed that their work belonged in the newspapers, magazines, and journals to which they had submitted.

Needless to say, this process was extremely cumbersome at best. Authors often had to wait six months or more before the editors responded to their queries. (And often, the publishers and editors merely responded to inform the authors that their work had been rejected.) Today, however, digital technologies such as internet blogging have streamlined the publishing process. Although few authors would disagree that internet publishing is much simpler than traditional publishing, many authors worry that internet publishing prevents works from reaching readers. After all, these authors argue, there are so many blogs on the internet that it is easy for one essay to become lost amid the fray. To counter these fears, blog programmers have developed how to bookmark a page programs which allow authors to share with your friends their works.

In essence, these how to bookmark a page programs (also called add to favorites programs, gmail bookmarks, Google favorites bars, Google favorites toolbars, and save bookmarks programs) allow authors to send mass emails to readers informing them that they have just published a new work. Additionally, these how to bookmark a page programs also post the authors’ works to their Twitter and Facebook profiles seconds after the works become available on the blogs. By doing so, these how to bookmark a page programs ensure that millions of potential readers have the ability to access and read the authors’ works seconds after they are published; consequently, authors who use these how to bookmark a page programs can increase their readership tenfold in a matter of hours.

Furthermore, because these how to bookmark a page programs often translate the authors’ works into other languages, authors who use how to bookmark a page programs find that they can acquire readers who live halfway across the world. Thus, authors who use these how to bookmark a page programs no longer need to wait six months or one year for a publisher to translate their work into another language. Instead, authors who use these how to bookmark a page programs only need to wait a few minutes to communicate with readers in Asia or India.

Syncing Bookmarks Across Platforms

Where are my bookmarks? Seriously, lots of users have developed different ways to add to favorites with the proliferation of different web browsers and platforms such as smartphones and tablets.

You can save bookmarks and manage your gmail bookmarks fairly easily across these platforms. If you have Google Chrome on your desktop and Chrome on your smartphone, you can sync your bookmarks with each other. Where are my bookmarks is no longer an issue. You will then be able to sync your Google favorites bar bookmarks to your smartphone by adding that segment to your synchronized bookmarks. Your favorite links and webpages are readily accessible no matter where you are.

Where are my bookmarks is asked by iOs users too. They will be able to set up a similar way of getting the bookmarks in sync for your desktop and phone browsers. Typically, you can use your iCloud service to maintain the same bookmarks for all of your browsers. Set up the desktop version of iCloud and tick the box next to bookmarks. The phrase “where are my bookmarks” is fading away as you see this, perhaps. On your phone or tablet, you can then do the same thing by logging into your online account. As you sync each the master list, so to speak, will be maintained online.

Where are my bookmarks? Still puzzled, then you can search online for other ways to keep your bookmarks synchronized. There are various ways to maintain your bookmarks across systems so you can access them however you need to. Where are my bookmarks is a common question even if you are not trying to maintain them across other systems.

When you switch to a different browser, it may take some time to understand where the bookmarks are filed and how to manage them. Again, this is probably one of those times when a simple online search can provide you with both screen shots and written instructions for everything you need to know about bookmarks.